Gravett Racing Partner - Tesouro Watches

Tesouro Watches is a British-designed luxury watch brand committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service to its customers. The company takes great pride in developing each watch, ensuring a perfect balance between materials and quality. All Tesouro watches are designed and built under the highest quality standards, ensuring they are stylish, durable and reliable.

With Tesouro's founder Paul, having over 20 years of experience in product design across various business areas, as well as being a keen watch collector, Tesouro Watches was launched in 2021 by a true watch enthusiast. The company aims to grow into one of the largest micro watch brands in the UK by adding more watches to its collection and expanding into accessories in the very near future.

Tesouro Watches has set out to become the largest motorsport watch brand in the sector, with planned expedited brand growth through partnerships with major championships, drivers, and teams. The company has already taken the first steps towards achieving this goal by becoming the official Watches partner for Rally Madeira Legends 2022, the team partner for Excite Rally Raid team in the UK, and, of course, partnering with Bradley Gravett and Gravett Racing. Tesouro Watches is also partnered with Oliver Bennett, team Xite Energy in World Rallycross and WRC co-driver Phil Hall.

Over the next few years, Tesouro Watches aims to establish long-term partnerships with major motorsport championships and dedicate collections to each championship. The company is excited about its journey towards becoming the leading motorsport watch brand, and its customers can expect to receive prompt, clear, and efficient communication throughout the process.

Tesouro Watches is a luxury watch brand passionate about providing its customers with exceptional products and customer service. With its commitment to quality and attention to detail, Tesouro Watches is well on its way to becoming the largest motorsport watch brand in the sector.