Bradley Gravett and Gravett Racing are Ready to Take on Donington Park this Weekend.

Bradley Gravett and Gravett Racing are gearing up for a thrilling weekend of racing as the 2023 British Touring Car Championship and the MINI Challenge JCW championship kick off at Donington Park this weekend. The team is excited to announce that Bradley Gravett, son of former BTCC Champion Robb Gravett, will continue to race with EXCELR8 Motorsport for his third consecutive year in the JCW series.

Bradley has been working hard over the winter months to prepare for the season ahead. He has focused on his physical and mental fitness, simulator training and commercial partnerships. Bradley is ready to hit the ground running this weekend, with his sights set firmly on the top of the championship leaderboard.

The 2022 season was a significant year for Bradley. He had some very impressive races in the JCW series, at times competing for podium places. He finished the season on a high note, thanks to his mid-season move to EXCELR8 Motorsport. Bradley was unbelievably impressed with how EXCELR8 Motorsport operated and the quality and attention to detail the team has with all aspects of its MINI Challenge team.

Bradley has been racing in the MINI Challenge for four years, but this is his third year in the JCW class. He has been getting quicker and quicker each year and is now considered to be a front-running driver. His experience, combined with the support of his team, makes him a strong contender for the championship this year.

For 2023, Bradley's aims are clear: fight for top championship places right from round 1 at Donington Park this weekend. With the support of Bradley's team EXCELR8 Motorsport, Bradley feels incredibly confident that he'll hit the ground running this weekend at Donington. With EXCELR8's dedication to providing the best equipment and tuition to their drivers significantly progressed Bradley's skills in the latter stages of the 2022 season, and EXCELR8 are looking to continue that progress in the 2023 season.

Donington Park is one of Bradley's favourite circuits, and he is very eager and excited to get back out on track. He knows the circuit well and has had success there in the past. He is looking to use that experience to his advantage and score strong results at the season's opening weekend.

Gravett Racing is also pleased to report that they have some exciting announcements due this week. Gravett Racing is always looking for ways to improve and grow, and they have some exciting plans for the 2023 season. Fans and sponsors alike can look forward to hearing more about the team's plans and ambitions for this coming season.

Bradley's performance in the 2022 season caught the attention of the front-running team EXCELR8 Motorsport, and he moved to the team mid-way through the season. The change proved wise, as Bradley was blown away by EXCELR8's attention to detail and support. Furthermore, the race car that EXCER8 Motorsport gave Bradley and the tuition and support each team member gave him significantly progressed Bradley as a driver throughout the latter stages of the 2022 season. For 2023, Bradley continues his MINI Challenge JCW campaign with EXCELR8 Motorsport.

Bradley's long-term ambition is to race in the BTCC, and he has taken on the role of BTCC development driver for the EXCELR8 Motorsport BTCC team. Bradley's experience in the JCW class will be invaluable in his role as a development driver, and he will be looking to impress EXCELR8 with his performances on track this season, with the hopes of moving up the motorsport ladder into the BTCC for 2024.

Bradley has been working hard over the winter, preparing for this season. He has been working hard on both his physical and mental fitness, as well as his simulator commitments. Bradley knows that being in peak physical and mental condition is essential for a successful season, and he has put in the hard work to ensure he is ready to take on the challenges of the 2023 MINI Challenge JCW championship.

In addition to his physical and mental training, Bradley has been busy securing commercial partnerships for the 2023 season. Gravett Racing is very grateful for the support they've received from their partners. Gravett Racing work closely with partners to promote their products and services to ensure successful, long-term relationships. Bradley understands the importance of building strong relationships with sponsors and is committed to promoting their brands on and off the track.

As the opening round of the 2023 MINI Challenge JCW championship draws closer, Gravett Racing and EXCELR8 Motorsport are finalising preparations for the race weekend. EXCELR8 Motorsport has been working hard to ensure that the car is in top condition and that they are fully prepared for the challenges that Donington Park will present. With Bradley's experience and the support of his team, Bradley and Gravett Racing are confident of a strong showing in the championship's opening round.

The MINI Challenge JCW championship is a fiercely competitive series, and Bradley will face tough competition from some of the best drivers in the UK. However, with his experience and the support of his team, he is confident that he can compete at the highest level and fight for top championship positions.

In conclusion, Gravett Racing is excited to take on the challenge of the 2023 MINI Challenge JCW championship, with Bradley Gravett driving for EXCELR8 Motorsport for his third consecutive year in the series.

Bradley's hard work and dedication over the winter have put him in a strong position to challenge for top positions in the championship. Bradley and Gravett Racing is also looking forward to announcing some exciting plans for the 2023 season, which will help the team grow and develop. With the support of their partners, fans, and supporters, Gravett Racing is ready to take on the challenges of the 2023 season and fight for top honours in the MINI Challenge JCW championship.

Bradley will do all his usual social media posts over the weekend, so keep an eye on your social platform of choice for live updates.

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You'll also be able to keep up to date with all the live timings from TSL (the timing people) as it's happening by clicking HERE.

This BTCC round is also televised on Sunday's live ITV coverage. Race three will be aired at 13:50, with the possibility of race one or two from Saturday also being shown as a highlights race at some point throughout the coverage.

Finally, if you're visiting the circuit this weekend, be sure to come and say hello; it will be great to see you there! :)

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