MINI Challenge JCW Pre Brands Hatch GP Report

Well, here we are; it's the final round of the British Touring Car Championship and, therefore, the final round of the MINI Challenge JCW series. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone; as I said in my pre-Donington report, it only feels like yesterday we were gearing ourselves up and getting ready for that first round. It's been a crazy year that's just flown by; merry Christmas... well, it's starting to feel that way with what seems to be even earlier than usual Christmas TV Adverts!

Anyway, baubles, lights, snow and Wham! aside; It's Brands Hatch GP weekend and, I am incredibly excited to be racing on the GP layout, which, in case you didn't know, is the much longer Brands Hatch circuit. Until this weekend, I have only ever driven the Indy layout, the short circuit, a twisty, very technical and actually, in places, very high commitment track. I have always wanted to race on the GP layout, but because of noise restrictions, with the locals who purchase houses near race tracks, it's only used a handful of times each year, so it's an absolute privilege to be driving it.

As I've said, I've not driven it before, but I am not overly concerned by that because as much as the GP layout is a very high-speed addition to the windy and technical corners of the Indy layout; it's only an additional three rights and a left, so it can't be that tricky to master... right?

I'm being facetious, the GP layout is a very high-speed, high-commitment set of corners that will require a touch of bravery, but if I can get my head around that, I don't think I'll have any issues with it at all.

I plan to take all my positives from Donington two weeks ago into Brands Hatch this weekend. As I said in my post Donington race report, I had a real eureka moment with this car that weekend, and I think if I transfer everything I've learnt from Donington, I could have a very interesting weekend at Brands.

The weather's looking to be dry but overcast all weekend, apart from Sunday, where's there's a higher possibility of rain, which I am actually hoping for as I am one of a handful of drivers who have completed some wet weather testing which was back at Knockhill a couple of months back, and, I was actually pretty quick too.

All in all, I am feeling very optimistic about the weekend; it's the last round, and the pressure's off, so let's go out there, go really, very fast and have some fun!

Bradley Gravett son of BTCC British Touring Car Champion Robb Gravett in the MINI Challenge JCW Series at Donington in 2021 Coming out of Assembly Area Graves Motorsport Cooper Racing Driver LIQUI MOLY LM Performance Thinking it Better